By Carol Agostini


Donatella Quaroni,  Carol Agostini con lo Chef Filippo Saporito del Ristorante La Leggenda dei Frati (FI)

During the Mangiarebene Berebene event held in Livorno's Fortezza Vecchia, we were able to conduct Sensory Tastings with many wines being tasted with food products to match.
A town I did not know, but alas little receptive to this type of event unless they are square or port festivals.
A port town on the west coast of Tuscany, known for its seafood specialties, Renaissance fortifications, and modern port for cruise ships.
I made time to visit the central Mascagni Terrace, an avenue along the sea with a checkerboard pavement, where it felt like coming home, the town's main meeting point.
The ramparts of the 16th-century Old Fortress overlook the harbor and open onto Livorno's Venezia Nuova neighborhood.
Bombed in World War II, it nevertheless stands on the side of the Medicean harbor and has an asymmetrical shape consisting of three bastions: Ampolletta , Canaviglia and Capitana.
The core of the fortress dates back to the Middle Ages.
However, the real fortress was built around 1500, when the De Medici family took possession of the castle of Livorno, initiating a radical transformation of the city and its fortifications.
The event took place inside the structure, including tunnels and halls, gravel floor, outdoor terraces on the upper floor, excitement that live for the historicity and architecture.



On this occasion we brought Oltre...pò into the glasses, with two wineries that are part of our FoodandWineAngels agency, Piaggi Francesco's Fradé winery and Donatella Quaroni's Tenuta Borgolano.
The former is founded, managed and skillfully run by two very young brothers who were born and raised among fields and woods, slopes and vines, where they decided to crown their dream by producing wine, with careful care of the plants and cleanliness in the cellar.
They cultivate the vineyard with the philosophy of producing "little but good," without any kind of stress.
The winery's name comes from the Oltre Padano dialect "brothers" precisely Fradé.



A certified organic winery that produces very good wines of sensory elegance in calcareous clay soils, where the soil conformation and climate give liveliness and flavor complexity to the wine.
Francesco and Federico Piaggi also are two winemakers who are very concerned with sustainability and raw material recovery to the extent that they have created an out-of-common label for their evolved wood reserves.
The estate can be visited, they welcome you to taste their products with that cool charm of two young men who are committed and believe in their hopes, dreams and strengths.
For information the site to visit is:

We have included their Martinotti method by the name NELMENTRE Vino Spumante Brut 100%  chardonnay, with a fine and elegant bubble, on the nose scent of jasmine, lily of the valley, white broom, peach and apple, pear, light note of white pepper, citrus note of yellow orange and lemon.
In the mouth it is fresh, immediate, refreshing and cleanses the palate, lively and quite persistent.




The second winery, on the other hand, is located a few kilometers away, still in the pinot noir vocated area of Oltrepò pavese, between Bassa pavese and Lomellina lands of rice fields.
Winery managed first by accosting the father, with the help of Donatella until the 'winery changed clothes and became "Donna" in 1992, becoming Tenuta Borgolano: an acronym of the place where the winery is located, "Al Burlan."

DAIMJO ROSE' 2021 100% Pinot Noir


It is located in a hilly area, surrounded by greenery, vineyards, cool breezes and sunshine that give the grapes the right ripeness.
This strong-willed, spirited woman, as feisty as her wines, as determined, runs the vineyard, winery and reception by herself just like her product line characterized by "feminine" labels, from the names, to the images.
He welcomes you to the winery to experience tasting moments, as well as his cuisine with local dishes.
Visiting the winery will make you feel at home.
For information the website is:


DHEON BRUT 2020 100% Pinot Noir Charmat Method


The wines tasted at our winery masterclasses were as follows:
DHEON BRUT 2020 100% Pinot Noir Charmat Method, an all-Italian bubbly, with great elegance, on the nose with scents of violet and licorice, apricot, pear, light note of bergamot, white pepper, currant and raspberry, in the mouth enters decisive, lively, fresh and persistent, with red fruit flavors from raspberry to currant, strawberry, peach, lemon balm and mallow.
DAIMJO ROSE' 2021 100% Pinot Noir, an elegant and persistent still wine, the nose is enveloping and intriguing, with aromas of violet broom, lily of the valley, raspberry, blackberry and wild strawberries, blood orange, in the mouth is fresh but at the same time round, cleanses the palate, tastes of wild strawberries, lemon, plum, pink pepper, light note of peanuts and juniper.
BARANDO 2020 100% Croatina Oltrepò Pavese YOUNG SPARKLING WINE, a moderately sparkling wine, with a pleasant refermentation, created to make it ready to drink, definitely intriguing and immediate, on the nose it has scents of blood orange, strawberry, plum, cherry, red pepper, violet violet wisteria, on the palate it is seductive, with flavors of red fruit, goji berries, currant, red apple.
DONNA 2003 100% Bonarda Oltrepò Pavese, a wine of great complexity, elegant and seductive, the nose has aromas of coffee, cocoa, black cherries, plum jam, lemon balm, broom violet and violet, wisteria, peanuts and blood orange, juniper and black pepper, licorice; in the mouth it enters silky and full, still fresh and lively, round and soft with veiled tannins, persistent, flavors of strawberry and blackberry jam, plum, raspberry, pepper, a mix of dried flowers and red nuts, cocoa and coffee with peanuts.
A wine that gives great emotions for those lucky enough to taste it.

BARANDO 2020 100% Croatina Oltrepò Pavese YOUNG SPARKLING WINE

All our tastings were accompanied by gastronomic products from other companies present:
V.A.D. Formaggi dal 1955
Butcher Shop Da Doriano
Matteo Ferrandino fish market

Other products from wholesale food products Zona Market one of the sponsors of the event,
We at the FoodandWineAngels agency would like to personally thank them for supporting our sensory tastings.
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