RECIPES seductive with politeness

By Carol Agostini


Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe By Carol



The 'seductive with grace' recipes trace the stages of a relationship and reflect the degree of intimacy with one's partner.
The book I wrote  "CENA CON FATTURA D'AMORE" (DINNER WITH LOVE INVOICE) is a creative workshop, through which research and experimentation of taste crosses over into other fields to draw inspiration from them and make them interact.
Tantalising gluttony, lust and the brain, my book moves in parallel on two tracks, on the one hand the creative and playful one, on the other the critical one of choice and rediscovery of products and values.
It is a tool for understanding, since, through menus and complicity, sensory food and wine play a fundamental role in the conquest of a true awareness, that of using the senses to seduce.
For lovers of cuisine, but also for those who use the elegance and refinement of the cooker for their conquests, aphrodisiac foods, seductive dishes, recipes that can literally break down all defences and inhibitions... go ahead!

Italian bubble

Good food has always satisfied the pleasures of the table and our personal ones.
Satisfying all the senses is not an easy task, often we do not even think about it or consider doing it.
For years I have maintained that shapes, textures, colours, scents and flavours are... pure poetry!
For a long time I have been credited with being one of the leading experts in seduction in Italy, but above all in psychology applied to seduction.
If you read my book carefully, you will realise that it is not just a novel, but conceals much more.
I have participated in many forums on the subject, bringing my knowledge and training, trying to convey my passion for seduction, neuro-linguistic programming obviously related to the senses and the main theme.


Appetiser By Carol 



Let me make one thing clear, knowing how to cook well is not the only weapon at our disposal, in fact, we are not all Gualtiero Marchesi, what counts is one's own awareness, one's own personality, which must be transferred into the dishes, the atmosphere, the mise en place and the search for our emotional stability.
A journey into the experimentation of one's own soul combined with colours, scents and flavours, seduction will take its course.
It reigns in those who have total self-perception, which is why it is essential to make a journey of personal growth.
Like Giacomo Casanova who wrote in his diaries how much time he spent looking inside himself, analysing every nuance and reaction of his 'I', he not only contemplated the courtesans to whom he gave chocolate to seduce them but also contemplated himself.
Going beyond, going beyond your own limitations and mental brakes, will lead you to develop your potential.
Getting out of your comfort zone, pushing yourself beyond your mental barriers is not immediate and simple, it takes perseverance, dedication, strength and courage, but the results will not be lacking.

Platter of Appetisers By Carol

You will give yourself growth without regrets, a journey into empathy you have never known.
You will need ideas, ingredients and a lot of imagination.
Remember seduction is pure art, it has no constraints, no limits, no ties but simply emotions!
Did you know that:
aphrodisiac foods are those foods and spices that have a beneficial effect on the organism: they involve the sphere of desire, both the psychological effect due to the taste, scent and, why not, the 'fame' of a certain ingredient, which sometimes has no scientific support but symbolic, cultural factors and for their intrinsic characteristics.
Horseradish is counted among the aphrodisiacs for its exciting and stimulating effect.
Saffron has stimulating properties and mustard stimulates the action of the glands that characterise our intimate sphere.


Beetroot risotto By Carol

Cloves, in addition to driving away insects if planted on the inner surface of half a lemon and flavouring game, have invigorating and stimulating properties and are strong antioxidants, better than an apple.
Nutmeg, in fact, is said to be particularly effective for men, while coriander has intriguing (exciting) effects on women.
Chocolate and Giacomo Casanova, I read of his relationship with this intriguing ingredient, claimed to have found the fountain of youth, and discovered that chocolate is one of the most effective weapons of seduction because it acts as a brilliant aphrodisiac, composed of Theobromine, which acts on the feel-good hormone, as I mentioned earlier.
Chocolate has been savoured through the centuries as a luxury food, worthy of kings and nobles.
Casanova called it the Elixir of Love, claiming it was the quickest way to win the heart of a fair lady, whispering sweet things in her ears, feeding her chocolate, pointing out that the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach.
Gabriele D'annunzio also composed several sonnets about chocolate.
And much more.....but I leave it to you to find out!!!

If you start paying attention, many particularly elaborate dishes with selected ingredients create
immediate feeling of well-being, you only have to look at them to feel positive vibrations.
The power to stimulate our every sense and sensation from food and wine becomes many times the
solution to love problems, without realising it at the table consuming one
certain food over another, our openness and receptiveness to problems and to the other person fades into more natural and less angry gestures.
There are indeed foods that arouse in us feelings of sweetness, tenderness, peace, through the production of 'friendly substances' leading us to the ability to look at the person in front of us without feeling hatred.
This is why it is called sensory gastronomy, where peace of the senses equals peace
of the emotions.
In this practice we use more fruit, vegetables, roots, chocolate, fish products
tend to be raw, spices, all in small or mono portions.
Dairy products also often go hand in hand, such as yoghurt, cottage cheese, acidic milk products (kefir), and lightly processed cheeses that are served unprocessed, instead fresh or 'soft' only if processed.


First Dish By Carol

Male nutrition is quite different in these cases from female nutrition, men in this practice associate their sensory charge with vitamins, a direct link to the reproductive glands, vitamin E contained in eggs and carrots, which makes them feel confident, more attractive and seductive; the secret lies in not lacking the vitamin component in food, especially those derived from meat, seafood, flour, leavened foods and the presence of starches, such as potatoes.
Sensory cooking also includes a small amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.
Visual associations, sensory connections, gestures and movements, the right recipes and comfortable surroundings open up the paradise of the soul through the vibrations of the senses.
The use of spices and food seasonings have fundamental functions in various aspects: pepper, chilli peppers, oregano, basil, sweet spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and finally ginger, apple vinegar, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon and citrus fruits in general, facilitate digestion, bringing balance to one's salivation, which makes every bite inviting and welcoming, while our senses enjoy every physical/emotional benefit.
Hosting a dinner party with all the right trappings offers ourselves full satisfaction, concrete acceptance and deep awareness of a Karma just waiting to be nurtured.


Enjoy your sensory adventure!!!

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