The sensory journeys of Carol

By Carol Agostini

The sensory journeys of Carol

Carol Agostini

    My journey into the world of food and wine started in 1997, when I went in search of information on cocoa, an element I have always loved.
    It was from the need to understand its composition and benefits that my journey began.
After a few months, I approached the world of wine; I trained and became an international wine commissioner.
    Over time, my desire to know the essence of each gastronomic product that could accompany each sip I tasted grew.
Over time, I became a sommelier, chocholate taste tester, Sun master, and had the honour of attending challenging masters courses on food cooking techniques, micro-pastry, artistic chocolate, vacuum packing, and much more.

Carol Agostini Sommelier

    I love researching, analysing and combining ingredients, exploring techniques for reworking the materials that I first select and choose specifically for my dishes, where everything becomes colour, balance and texture.
    Years went by and my curiosity grew more and more. I started my journey towards neuro-linguistic programming and towards marketing, acquiring a qualification in marketing strategist and delving more and more into Italian taste as far as my food and wine skills are concerned.
    Always hungry for knowledge, always ready for any challenge, I feel the need to live on emotions, continuous technical tests, tastings, travels.
    I grasp the beauty in a burnt pot, experienced by fast cooking, by slow cooking, by ingredients that I often forget on the cooker and the smell of burning invades the whole kitchen.
Nevertheless, I feel gratified, because I have had the opportunity to experiment and to make mistakes.
    I get enthusiastic about finding solutions to my mistakes, miscalculations of dosages and inaccurate cooking times.
    From my mistakes I begin to consolidate my ability to execute and solve.
    I learn, make mistakes, correct, teach and write, a new journey, through the Asian cuisine I love, the South American cuisine, the medieval cuisine, the futurist cuisine that teaches me to appreciate every texture and shape.
    Sometimes I think I am on an endless journey, the kind that only makes sense when experienced directly and not through the photos or stories of others.
I get more and more excited about sharing my mistakes with others so that they are not repeated.
And it is this path as a teacher that leads me to frequent more and more restaurateurs, chefs, kitchens.

    I grow my experience as a selector, dealing with food and wine products for foreign markets and for important e-commerce companies.
    I talk about it but also write about it and this leads me to constructive collaboration with national sector publications. 

    Last but not least comes TV with some participation in television programmes and, soon after, radio with my own format called "Il viaggio degli Umami", in which I recount tasting experiences at national and international wine competitions.
    This leads me to personally curate masterclasses and guided tastings at trade fair events in the sector.
As far as audio activities are concerned, I carry out other projects in parallel, e.g. the 'Travelling with Carol' column with the creation of food and wine podcasts, which recount production realities and territories, with visits and interviews with producers.
    In all this I structure teams of collaborators who often follow me on busy weekends, aimed at networking among professionals in the sector.
    My apprenticeship continues, I never stop studying, I never stop updating my knowledge, my courses become more and more attended and the various Chambers of Commerce hire me to develop training projects.
    Social wineries ask me for territorial development and production identity projects.
In short, challenges upon challenges, which increase my desire to be part of this world.

"Cena con Fattura d'Amore" the book by Carol Agostini


    A few years ago, I was contacted by a publishing house that asked me to write a cookbook, a proposal that actually turned into a book on sensory gastronomy, "Cena con Fattura D'amore" (Dinner with a Love Invoice), published at the end of October 2021 by Ronca Editore.


    The feature of this novel is precisely the component of a manual and personal introspective growth to achieve the goal of feeling good through the complicity of the senses.
Two months have passed and it is already in its second reprint, an unexpected success for me.
In writing these lines, I have been able to look back on my journey with different eyes, with an awareness totally free of judgement, even though I still feel the weight of sacrifices and renunciations.



    Am I satisfied with my entire journey? Yes, but it is not over yet, there is so much I still have to taste, explore and learn about.
Writing allows me to record in my brain every sensation, every emotion I experienced with every bite and every sip.

I am grateful for this too, because the 20-year-old girl who approached this world is now a woman.  

    I founded my agency called 'FoodandwineAngels', the only agency in Italy able to apply the most advanced marketing intelligence to the food and wine sector.

    I have a team of professionals at my side, we do accurate technical evaluations of food and wine products, market surveys based on the most advanced marketing intelligence concepts, business communication services, and sales support at national and international level.
    These are just some of the many services we provide in the Italian food and wine scene.
    With the agency's staff of specialists, we guarantee in-depth organoleptic and tasting evaluations of products, based on technical analysis sheets that I myself have designed and created.

    We believe, in this way, that we give great support to our sales network, also through advanced communication services through traditional and digital (journalistic and social) channels.
    In short, I am very proud of this agency that lays the groundwork for advanced and targeted sales strategies, offering companies-partners the solution to the many sales and brand awareness problems that are the most difficult hurdle to overcome in the food and wine sector today.
    In a truly complex, highly competitive world, where the quality and uniqueness of products must be highlighted and brought to light in the most effective way.
    My goal and that of my staff is to become a point of reference for producers and distributors, a partner to maximise sales and market presence, but also and above all to offer those producers who do not yet have accurate visibility and a widespread market presence a solution to their problems.

My journey, therefore, still has no end, only goals to reach.

Carol Agostini and Champagne Olivier Herbert 

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